How to make Premium Intros for Free & Sell ’em of for a Profit!

Hey guys, it’s Charlie here 🙂


I’ll keep this quick as I’m of out in a minute…

Basically, I’ve got two things for you today.

First up, I’m gonna show you how to make these super cool intros you see on other peoples’ videos.

Y’know, where the video starts up and first thing you see is the title of the product/service/show, yet it done with some really cool animation and it looks really flashy and stuff… Well I’m gonna show you how to create one them in seconds… For free!

It’s cool stuff and I think you’ll dig it big time when you see it 😉

Secondly – and I’ve thrown this in as a bonus – I’m also gonna show you how you can sell these super cool intros to a never-ending crowd of peeps that keeps getting replenished every day who are willing to GIVE YOU their hard earned cash for these little videos that cost you nothing to make and takes like, 10 seconds to make!

Now I’ve got to be honest with you…

imagesI’ll level with you, I don’t actually do this myself (selling the intros that is) but I’ve spoke to a few people who do what I’m about to show you and it surprised me by not only the amount of money they make… But just how shockingly easy this model of making money is!

Trust me; if you want an easy way of making $50 -$100 a day with very little work involved… Then it’s well worth a watch is this video 🙂

Watch it here…

===Resources Mentioned In The Video===

Free $500 In 5 Days Video Course

Flix Press


Youtube Video:Free Intro Maker


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And of course, leave a comment, love to know what you think. Will you be using this to create your own intros for your videos? Or  maybe make money of ’em liked I showed you in the video? …Do you think you’ll be giving that a whirl?

Either way, I would to hear your thoughts on that, so drop a comment and lets hear it!

Charlie White



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