About Me

Hi there, I’m Charlie. I’m really glad you have taken time to check out ‘my online home’. I hope you will find this a place to learn ways to make your life better by learning about something you did not know or gained a better insight/knowledge about a subject.

Just a little bit “About Me” –  I am a retired military veteran of 40 years of service and of course now a very happy senior citizen. I’ve been married to my lovely wife for 43 years and we have one daughter who is now married with one child – our wonderful grandson (love that little fella).

While I am now retired, I never wanted to take on the mindset of a person having to live off of a “fixed income” so I decided to build an online business as an Internet Marketer. I must say, it wasn’t easy getting started and learning all of intricacies of online marketing – but after about 2 years I finally broke the ‘code’  for success. Although it has been challenging at times, I wouldn’t trade one moment for all that I learned on this journey to build relationships and create a community of loyal clients.

It is my honor and pleasure to serve everyone who make the choice to do business with my organization and I appreciate the fact that you have chosen me to serve you.

With that being said, I hope you will connect with us and join our community as w